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Changing Culture

Imagine this: You’re 16, an orphan, homeless, and living on the streets in one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe.

When the call came to help real kids like this, Hope Bible Institute, in rural Moldova responded. Thirty-six at-risk Moldovan teens now experience Christian compassion, care and training at HBI. They receive teaching from the Bible, learn life skills, and all students receive mentoring in a trade. However, the small library at HBI is inadequate. That is why READ has committed to providing this ministry $3,000 for essential textbooks and other resources to help evangelize and disciple these hope-hungry Moldovan teens. Your gifts can make it happen.

READ Goes To School

Another call came from Pastor Viktor, one of READ's ministry partners, asking for help. Pastor Viktor is responding to the Department of Education in the Dnipro region to place copies of The Camel Story - A Trilogy in each elementary classroom in Dnipro. You can do the math—5,000 classrooms where the story of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection is wanted and welcomed by public school officials in southern Ukraine. Wow!

Opening Doors for Special Needs

Very few of the churches in the former Soviet Union are handicap accessible. There are no ramps, expanded isles, bathrooms, or openings for wheelchairs. This area of the world is just beginning to understand that a person with a handicap has value. READ is on the front lines of this cultural change.

Past board member, Oksana Elsinger, has a child with a handicap and is from Ukraine. She has been a valuable part of READ's expansion into this area of the world.

David Anderson wrote a book called Reaching out and Bringing In—Ministry to and with Persons with Disabilities, teaching the church how to open their arms to adults and children with handicaps. READ now provides a copy of this book to all conference attendees and others in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

These are just a handful of projects READ pioneered to saturate the culture with Gospel values.
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