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Reaching Dangerous Places

In recent years, READ Ministries has found new ministry opportunities in the five Central Asian republics. Because Islam is dominant in each of these republics and several are entirely opposed to the Christian faith, this is a dangerous place to be a follower of Jesus Christ and for outsiders who seek to assist and support them.

Despite the harsh resistance to Christianity, the church in this region is growing by leaps and bounds—and the most persecuted areas are growing the fastest. But for them to grow in faith and knowledge, they need our help. Central Asian church leaders need of resources to teach and grow these amazingly brave Christian people who want to pursue worshiping the God of the Bible and not the Muslim faith.

In the republics that are most opposed to the Christian faith, READ cannot provide Christian books. Such materials are confiscated and destroyed and believers are at risk of fines or imprisonment. In response, READ has developed electronic libraries that are more easily distributed. These electronic libraries are more difficult to detect and harder to confiscate while still providing much needed theological tools for study and ministry.

READ is currently supporting 46 church leaders in underground ministry training programs. There is a great need here.

Your partnership with READ will make a significant difference for a group of people who are desperate for what is so easily available in the U.S.

Please consider partnering with READ in support of these brave Christians in Central Asia.

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