War in Ukraine

The Warmth of the Gospel

We receive stories from other Christian organizations that have close relationships with churches & ministry leaders in Ukraine.

The following brief story comes from an internally displaced family that has found a safe haven in a church. They are describing that good has come from the fact that they had to run to safety. That safety is in the arms of the Lord. Praise God!

We do not know what small town or church family they are referring to - whether it is one of our partners, we do not know - but this situation repeats itself over and over at loving, serving churches such as the ministries we partner with.

Amid the war in Ukraine, God is doing incredible things through those who love Him - YOUR gifts & prayer, and his people and churches who have answered the call to serve.

We pray the beautiful words below encourage your heart as you continue praying for and supporting Ukraine and READ Ministries' mission. God bless you.

Aug 30, 2022, From one family in Ukraine:

"Hello! Today it's been exactly five months since our family moved to another town as refugees. We came from a small town that has been suffering from
bombing every day. We have two kids. The accidental acquaintance with the church has changed our lives for the better. While being lost and scared, we found a place where we were welcomed with generosity and warmth. Our meetings are very sincere, open, and warm. We have never had any events in life that would make us look for help from God and new friends.
The atmosphere during the meetings at church is always warm. Conversations are always full of interesting facts about God and His Word. My husband and I have started to have an interest in the Bible. With small but confident steps, we are trying to process the information we get, and it helps us become better and kinder to others. There is no pressure at the meetings, someone even may share some jokes sometimes. These meetings give us a desire to come back to the church over and over again. Our worldview has gotten broader. We have a special memory of the Trinity holiday, we really liked how the kids were treated there, and we enjoyed the story of the Gospel, which was told with the help of the pictures in the city center.
We have received a lot of help from the church! They supported us materially a lot in our hard times. We have no home now, we live in a dormitory room. Some generous people from the church shared with us everything they had. We got some clothes, food, even dishes, towels, and detergents.
I also want to tell you about my elderly mother, she's been coming to the church meetings. She needed some advice and sympathy. A year ago, she lost her son because of a serious disease, and this year she lost her home. A missile fell straight into her house, and the whole 9-story apartment building was destroyed. At the meetings, she found some relief, she got hope and faith that the light will be back on her path again. We go to the church because our hearts tell us that's the right thing to do. We are on the right path and God will help us.

With great respect and gratefulness."