War in Ukraine

A Big Request for a Big God!

We received this very specific request from a partner in Kyiv. This pastor and his church began serving refugees 24/7 just a few days after the war began.

In that time, their church attendance doubled. Eventually, as we share shared before, they moved into a larger building to accommodate their needs. It is a blessing that this new building is underground. But now it is winter, and with the lack of electricity due to war, many people come to this church for help.

Let Pastor Oleg explain:

Greetings, dear brothers Bill and Steve!  We hope you are doing well.  We are creating a heating point in the church.  Can you help us with this? We continue to provide humanitarian assistance, although the volumes are greatly reduced due to a lack of funds.  In connection with the missile attacks on Ukraine, we have met new challenges, and we want to organize a “Heating Point” for 100 people in our church.
Due to frequent emergency power outages in the apartments, there is no full-fledged heating.  Elevators do not work. There is no mobile communication or the Internet.  When the elevator is not working, the elderly, the disabled, and those with small children cannot go up to the 26th floor.  When mobile communications and the Internet do not work, people cannot get through to their loved ones defending their homeland on the front line. They cannot find out the latest news.  When it's cold in the apartment, they need to warm up.  When there is no electricity, they need somewhere to charge at least the phone.  And a lot of other problems arise with the lack of electricity.  Many people come to our church for help when they have a power outage, and we give them the attention they need.
But we are now experiencing similar difficulties ourselves, so we ask you to urgently help us acquire these things.  Winter has just started, and the situation is getting worse every day.  We also need to buy more food products, as businesses are idle due to power outages, and people are left without work and without a livelihood.  We desperately hope for your help.
A Big Request for a Big God!

1. Furnace "Bulgarian”- 25000 UAH- 1 piece = 676.872.

2. Chimney (CHIMNEY KIT 7 METERS STAINLESS / STAINLESS, 160/220 MM ZIG 304 STEEL) – 15000 UAH.  - 1 piece

3. Firewood 2400 UAH - 30 cubic meters - 72000 UAH

 4. Gas cylinder 5000 UAH.  – 4pcs - 20000 UAH

5. Gas stove for two camphors -2500 UAH - 2 pieces -5000 UAH

6. Kettle (5 l.) - 2000 UAH.  4 pieces - 8000 UAH.

7. Kettle electric for hot drinks - 5300 UAH.

8. Gasoline generator 6 kW - 80000 UAH - 1 piece

9. Charging station 2 kW - 85000 UAH- 1 piece

10. Air conditioner 2.4 kW - 64000 UAH.  - 2 pieces - 128000 UAH

11. Satellite Internet system “Starlink” – 32000 UAH

12. Blankets (plaid) - 1000 UAH.  50pcs - 50000 UAH

13. Sleeping bags -1000 UAH.  50pcs - 5000 UAH

     TOTAL: 575 300 UAH - 14 382 $. (Hryvna versus American)

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