Stories from the Field

A Brief Review of Ministry at KES

May 16, 2023 - As our Foreign Ministry Support in Ukraine, Alexander Zigalenko and his son, Andrii, coordinate for READ Ministries the ordering, gathering, and storing of books and the distribution of sets/collections to recipients in Ukraine.

May is a busy time with seminary graduations, and Alex keeps us updated on the work being done.

Dear friends and partners! I thank God for the privilege of serving Him together with you!
A brief review of recent events:
1.  Last week we finished preparing the books for the conference in Ternopil - 50 sets are ready!
2. We prepared books for the library program in Yarmolentsy, Khmelnytskyi.
3. Prepared 68 certificates and 40 sets of gifts for graduates in Balakleya.
4. Sent graduation libraries to 10 schools because they are graduating next week.
5. On Saturday and Sunday, we were in Balakleya for the graduation of the branch. Thank God that in spite of the war and occupation, 68 people graduated from the program. This is a great blessing for all of eastern Ukraine! There is not a single seminary here, many areas are under occupation. Because of the war, not everyone was able to come, but about 40 students were able to be at graduation. There was a very solemn service, the hall was full, and many unbelievers saw God's blessing.
7. At the service in Balakleya, we brought 200 sets of food and were able to bless the students and all who were in the church with them.
All hands on deck for the work to be done!
40 of the 68 Balakleya class of 2023!
Ivan Ovcharenko & Alex Zigalenko distributed food to all present in the ceremony.