War in Ukraine

A Grateful Update From Dnipro

Cheers, [READ Ministries]
Thank God we have life and everything we need! We have God's protection and His fence!
There is a little discomfort; they periodically turn off the light and water. But we are preparing for these moments. We are stockpiling, purchased generators, and filling cylinders with liquefied gas.
We also buy special stoves to use firewood as fuel. We help the brothers and sisters who remained and live in their homes. It is difficult for those who have electric heating when the electricity is turned off. It's winter outside.
But thank God, He gives wisdom and everything necessary to solve these questions. Thank you and the READ Ministry for your sincere and timely help. [For now] we have enough of everything. We are currently working in the following areas:
- We procure fuel, diesel, and gasoline for machines and generators, firewood, and liquefied gas so that we can cook food.
- We help brothers with car repair. This is how we do everything that the Lord entrusts.
- We help the needy with food.

This, brothers, is a little bit of our life! We do NOT complain but give glory and thanks to Jesus! Of course, we do not leave service.
As of today, God willing, it turned out that 499 library corners have been opened in schools and public libraries. So, the fulfillment of the next order will be the 500th. Thank God! Let's celebrate this event somehow. We will let you know.
Now we are preparing to celebrate Christmas together with all of Ukraine. We especially congratulate children and our guys from the armed forces. We also congratulate you on the upcoming holidays! God's blessings!
Our prayers and thanks to God for you and your ministry. In brotherly love, the Church of Christ the Savior in Dnipro and me, your younger brother in Christ, Viktor Nikonenko.
Brothers! Glory to Jesus! I hope to see you, meet you!

Translated by Gmail/Google, and minor edits made