War in Ukraine

A New Van in Khmelnitsky


The following is a brief report on the newly acquired, READ-funded van now being used by our brother, Volodymyr Bogomaz, in Khmelnitsky region, in western Ukraine.

He is a hard-working servant of the Lord. Keep our partners in your prayers as they enter three months of responding to war. Pray for strength and peace-of-mind.

Praise God for this new tool being used by our partner!

Greetings, Bill.
I want to say that last week the process of purchasing, delivering, customs clearance and registration of the minibus was completed. I did not think that this process was so long, but with God's help, everything is over.
The minibus is already in the service of the people. There were a number of needs that needed to be addressed urgently.
1. Bring food to the village of Moroziv for distribution to migrants.
2. Bring first aid kits and sleeping bags for firefighters
3. Bring wheelchairs and products for the disabled.
All this has already helped deliver the [sic] minibus.
Thank you and READ Ministries for the blessed van.
 With God.