War in Ukraine

A Special Event at KES

December 2022

A great note and pictures from our partners at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary.

In sending his thanks, brother Ivan blessed us with the work they are doing for many internally displaced people due to the war.

Praise God for the faith and perseverance of our dearest brothers and sisters in Kremenchuk, Ukraine!

We had a wonderful ministry today for people with disabilities. One hundred-twenty people heard the gospel and received food assistance.
Olga, a graduate of KES, has a daughter with a disability. She finds the strength for dedicated service to people in the same difficult life circumstances and runs the Kremenchuk City Society of People with Disabilities.
We have made good food packages from relief funds, which are from READ, and we can do more! By Christmas, it would be great to make another holiday for them. Many have children who need special care. I thank God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with these people.
Thank you for the prayers and support, and that we can serve together with you as one team.
KES graduate (Director of Kremenchuk City Society of People with Disabilities) and her daughter on the left.