War in Ukraine

A Word From KES-Balakliya Rector

May 16, 2023.  Ivan Ovcharenko, Rector of Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary, reflects on the recent graduation at the KES branch in Balakliya.

Balakliya: a new hope for the future!
On Sunday, May 14, 2023, the graduation of the branch of the Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary in the Deokupovanomu city of Balakliya was held. This is a huge event for both faculty and students, as the graduation symbolizes hope, revival, and future development in the region.
Balakliya, located in the war zone, became a symbol of will and exposure for seminary graduates and teachers.
Sixty-eight people became seminary graduates.
They’ve come a long way in learning, complicated first by the coronavirus epidemic, then the war. However, through the support of the faculties and their own efforts, they have gained the knowledge and skills that will become the foundation for further successful service. Over three years in short weekend sessions, students have been learning fundamentals of church ministry in different directions:
• the preacher of the church;
• Sunday school and teen youth ministry organizer;
• biblical psychology;
• the librarian at the church.
Graduation of the KES branch is a remarkable event that highlights the importance of providing the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of the external circumstances and challenges faced. The release is a step toward the revival of Balakliya and brings new hope for the future for all residents of the city. Seminary graduates are ready to go out into the world where they can help people and serve their community while growing in faith and ministry.
Thank you so much to READ Ministries for their generous support and for providing our students with spiritual literature for productive learning every session!