Stories from the Field

Another Kind of Camel is Distributed in Ukraine

February 2018

Camel cigarettes have long cursed children, teens, and adults in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.  But now another kind of camel, a set of three books about the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ titled “The Story of a Camel-A Trilogy,” is being urgently requested by leaders of the public school system in the region of Dnipro, located in south central Ukraine.

In the city of Dnipro, the capital of this region, there is an evangelical Baptist church that the Department of Education has asked to place this collection of Christian literature in every elementary classroom in their region!  And the pastor of this church, Pastor Viktor, has reached out to READ for help in responding to this open door for sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here is Pastor Viktor’s plea for our support:

The Education Department of our region, having read the books "The Story of a Camel-A Trilogy", appealed to us with a request and expressed the desire to have this set of books in all schools of the region. They see and believe that these books will be helpful in the spiritual education and development of students in the region's educational institutions.  This is good news for us!  But our concern is that more than 1,000 schools are in the region!

If we count only junior grades (1-5) - this is about 5000 grades of 25 students in one grade - we can reach 125,000 children. Even if a third of the children read the books, it will be more than 40,000!

We have an excellent opportunity to reach children in the Dnipro region with the Gospel. I thank God for this opportunity and His trust.    

READ has committed to providing 800 sets of this Gospel-centered trilogy for distribution into public school classrooms in the Dnipro region.  Please pray that the message of the Gospel will be received in the hearts of many young readers and their family members in Ukraine.

Please help READ help Pastor Viktor respond to this amazing opportunity that God has opened for the advance of His Good News!  For a total of $3,000, READ can provide 800 sets (2,400 books) of these brightly colored, biblically-based evangelistic books.