War in Ukraine

Another Week of War

4.9.22 - Day 45 of war

Greetings brothers and sisters.

Another week of war in Ukraine has flown by. This week there was a lot of bad news from Bucha, where Ukrainian troops found hundreds of corpses, shot, tortured, burned, adults and children. Yesterday there was news from Kramatorsk where a rocket landed at the railway station in a crowd of people who wanted to evacuate. For several days I could not recover from all the cruelty of the war. Only the Lord gives the ability to perceive all this, and not to harden the heart. Thank you for the words of encouragement, the texts from the Scripture, it is very powerful.

We continued our ministry in Yarmolintsy, and the wonderful Konstantin family came to us with Nina and two children. Anna, their daughter, had a birthday -7 years old, we baked a cake and congratulated her. I am sending you a video.Victor also asked to live with us. He is from Kyiv, and the whole family left there, and he drove separately, because there was not enough space in the car. He was traveling with strangers, they dropped him off in Yarmolintsy. On the way, his kidneys fell ill, and he ended up in the hospital. After 10 days he was discharged, and he had to leave, in a strange city, where he does not know anyone. But someone advised him to come to our house of prayer, so he stayed with us. I once again went to the village of Malievtsy and met with the refugees who live there. We read the Gospel of John and had a good fellowship time. They are not believers, but they showed interest in the Word of God, I testified to them about Jesus.

Family of six having dinner

Somehow I return to Yarmolentsy, and everyone calls me to drive faster. A gypsy family, two women and six children were brought to us for one night. For half an hour they visited every corner of the house of prayer, looked at everything, touched everything. The next day I helped them get to the railway station in Khmelnitsky and they left, but everyone who lives in the house of prayer will remember them for a long time.

For one night, one of my friends, pastor Michael from Sumy, came to us, I come from there. He told how they went through the time of occupation, how they serve people now after liberation, about the dangers and God's blessings. In the midst of difficulties and experiences, God gives a wonderful time to meet and communicate with friends, with whom we serve our Lord together. Thanks to God!

I went to Khmelnitsky in my car for humanitarian aid for refugees. Many of them have almost no clothes, everything was left there, some of them burned down. Therefore, I went with my wife and two sons for these things, and did not expect that they would give so much, I could hardly put everything in the car.

I was approached with a request by brother Sergei, who was drafted into the army. He was sent to the front line, but the money has not yet been issued. He asked me to buy him a carrier, clothespins, a bucket, washing powder. I bought everything he asked for and gave it to him. I met him for about a week, but parted as good friends. We have this relationship through Christ.

We continue to serve the poor. In different villages, at the request of the village headman, we bring food, diapers and baby food to people. I always remind people of the Lord, encourage them to read the Bible and pray. With some at the end I prayed.

Now is the season for preparing firewood for next winter. Today we cut, chopped, moved and stacked two trucks of firewood to the house of prayer. We were greatly helped by the guys who live in the house of prayer. Most of them never took an ax in their hands, but here they helped us and got a good experience.

We thank the Lord for:

-friends in Christ: Michael, Sergei and other brothers and sisters

-for the Lord's hand over us, we feel His closeness to us

-for Konstantin and his family, who were able to get to us from Donbass

Please pray for:

-God's protection of Ukraine, so that innocent people and children do not suffer. For Peace in Ukraine.

-For God's help in the ministry of pastor Michael, he is now constantly serving people, delivering food, humanitarian aid to the villages of the Sumy region. It's dangerous, there are a lot of mines.

-For the service of Sergei, he is now at the forefront. So that the Lord would keep him, and he would be His light there. He testifies to other soldiers.

-we are in the process of acquiring a minibus for the Khmelnitsky regional association, so that the Lord will arrange everything.

Thanks for the prayers and support.

With God.