War in Ukraine

Bible Storybooks & More in Dnipro

March 17, 2023

A report from Pastor Viktor, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Glory to Jesus Christ! Brother Bill!
Sincere greetings from Ukraine! Greetings in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! Our testimony: God is alive! And we are alive and well for His glorious deeds. Together with you and with our Savior, we will be able to do what He entrusts us with.
So, the first year of trials in our life has passed. Thank God, He was faithful and did not leave us. We also thank the READ Service. You were there all the time! But life goes on, so we move on by God's will!
God willing, two expositions were opened in two churches (where there are many refugees). These are exhibitions of the presentation of the Bible [in books and pictures]. Now we are preparing premises for chaplain service in the military unit. We will also decorate it with biblical stories.
We continue to help the needy with food and solve issues of household services. They [the church] decided to purchase a walk-behind tractor for service [to be shared with families in the community]. It is very necessary for the work of our brother farmers. They will be able to run farms more efficiently and provide themselves and others with food. The rototiller remains on the balance sheet of our ministry.
Father! We do not brag about ourselves but give testimony: The Lord is our strength, Glory to Him!
It was nice to chat on ZOOM [recently], but we desire to meet and hug each other!
Thank you for your prayers! Thank God for you!
In brotherly love,
The Church of Christ the Savior in Dnipro and Viktor Nikonenko
Presentation of the Bible
A refugee family receiving aid, children's Bible storybooks and other literature
Resources given at one of the Bible presentations
Preparations underway for Chaplain services
A refugee receiving aid
Rototiller to be used for and by the community. Gardens will provide food.