War in Ukraine

Books: From SMIRNA to Poland

The following is a communication from SMIRNA Publishing House in Cherkassy, listing titles and quantities of books that were taken from storage and offered, via READ Ministries, to be transported to Poland. These books are to be distributed to Ukrainian pastors to aid them in pastoral care of refugees of war.Kremenchug/KES refugees in Turek shared the Easter books with the families of Spring of Life Baptist church. They also visited a refugee crisis center and shared the Gospel, giving thee books as gifts.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Some news from Stanislav K. at SMIRNA in Cherkassy:

1. Easter Sparrows: as Stanislav has said Bill earlier (through interpreter), we have 340 of Russian books and 800 of Ukrainian books left. The books are ready to be sent to Poland. Tomorrow in the morning we plan to take the books to Uman and give them to Ivan Ovcharenko who will take the books to Varshava.
The cost of these books READ will pay... during our next meeting in Ukraine (either Bill or someone from his team).

2. Books on pastoral care/counseling: we added 50 copies of "When Friends Are Asking for Help" by Harold Sala. Christians can read it and can effectively help in the healing of soul/psychic traumas. We also added 50 copies of "Encouraging Words to Women" and 50 copies of "Inspiring Words for Women" by Darlene Sala. These are books for women who suffered from emotional traumas. Stanislav thinks that these books are useful not only for Christians. The cost for these books is paid for by a Ukrainian man from Transcarpathia. 

That is all what we have regarding counseling at present. Stanislav did not get any propositions from Oleksandr Zigalenko.

3. Evangelization books: we added a small book "Everyone Wants to be in Heaven" - 100 copies in Russian and 100 copies in Ukrainian. The book has 36 pages. It has illustrations. And it has a very good material for evangelization. The cost of these books was paid by one church in Cherkasy Region.

4. Childrens books: we also send three more titles (text plus coloring pages in Russian and Ukrainian languages) - "God created the Whole World" (90 copies), "God is With Me During the Whole Day" (80 copies) and "God is With Us During the Whole Year" (85 copies) to Varshava. The cost for these books is not paid but Stanislav thinks that in the near future we will be able to find someone who will pay this bill.

All these books are packed and leave tomorrow morning (April 12, 2022)

Blessings from the Lord.

Sincerely yours,  

Stanislav and Lena