War in Ukraine

Call To Prayer Video


Dear READ Friends,

Our hearts are very heavy today as we hear of the bombings and are receiving videos from friends in Ukraine.
Who would have thought that Russia could commit such atrocities against a peace loving neighbor?

Why now when the Ukrainian evangelical church is poised to take the gospel to the nations?

Please pray with us:

Pray for peace! We are praying for a de-escalation and cessation of hostilities.

Pray for sensitivity! We are in daily communication with our workers and need
the sensitivity and care to help each one facing this heavy situation.

Pray for strength! Many of our partners are feeling weariness during this time. The journey will be long.

Pray for not only the preservation of the church, but also for it to be emboldened
to make the true King of kings known.

Pray for peace to come for all peoples and for the church to remember that when He who is our life appears, we will appear with Him in glory.

Pray for boldness in the face of danger.

Pray for peace in the face of war and for faith in the face of fear.

Pray that the Lord will use for good, what our spiritual and physical enemies intend for evil. We are saddened that as Ukraine becomes more poised to take
the gospel to the nations, the enemy seeks to come in and destroy it.

Also included is a message recorded Thursday morning (2/24/2022) from Kyiv, Ukraine, by a CRU staff leader.
Feel free to share these with your families, friends, and church.

We are all aware that with war comes the need for great humanitarian support. Basic needs and services are critical for those remaining in the war zone, those fleeing, and the partners to the west preparing to care for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

You can give now at the link below.
Please be sure to indicate in the dropdown box that your gift is for the Ukraine Relief Fund, so we can be sure it goes directly to our READ partners in Ukraine.

We are grateful for each of you and thank God for your prayers and continued support.

Steve Eckert, Executive Director
On behalf of the READ Leadership

Call to Prayer Document and Video