Stories from the Field

Celebrating a Translation

  On October 14, 2022, Kyrgyz theological educators and church representatives gathered at the United Theological Seminary in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. These Kyrgyz brothers and sisters in Christ were joined by a multi-national team of American and Ukrainian representatives of READ Ministries, led by READ's Executive Director, Steven Eckert. All joined together to celebrate and dedicate the publication of "Basic Theology" by the late Dr. Charles Ryrie into the Kyrgyz language. An outstanding church historian and theological educator from Ukraine presented a biographical overview of the life & work of Dr. Ryrie. All in attendance expressed heartfelt joy and praised the Lord for having this tool in their language! And prayers of dedication for the acceptance and effectiveness of this theological resource were also made by several other leaders. An initial printing of 200 copies had recently been completed, and those who attended received a copy. 

  We are grateful to God that READ Ministries was trusted to steward the project of this influential work to provide solid, Biblically-based, theological resources in indigenous languages in Central Asia. We are grateful for this first tool and pray it will not be the last! We could not have done this without the support of the family of Dr. Ryrie. We thank the Ryrie Foundation and the United Theological Seminary for collaborating with us in this ministry initiative. Collectively we pray this tool will greatly bless the ministry of God's Word among the Kyrgyz-speaking people, both in their beautiful country and in their dispersion from their native land.