War in Ukraine

Celebrating Life in Khmelnitsky

A June 4, 2022 update from Khmelnytskyi Baptist Union (ECB) in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Greetings brothers and sisters.
Almost a month has passed since my last letter, and I want to tell about our events, God's favors, and our plans.
Trip to Slovakia.  
From June 13 to 18, I went to Slovakia with my wife Oksana. We wanted to rest a little, change the environment, be together and gain experience on how to bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We arrived in Liptovský Mikuláš to visit friends and stayed there for several days. Enjoyed the wonderful mountains, forests and peaceful village atmosphere, without air worries and dangers. Then we went to Dunayska Strada, where our neighbor Oleksandra now lives. After her second stroke, she is lying down and needs constant outside care, but she got to know us and was very happy. We talked with her, prayed, read a Psalm and began our return journey. Friends blessed us with some products, washing powder, clothes, shoes, so we did not return home empty-handed.
Pastoral conference - "Church during the war". 
On June 24-25, God allowed me to be together with brothers from our region at a wonderful pastoral conference. We discussed challenges and priorities, shared God's blessings and needs. I really enjoyed this time. For me, it was a rethinking of everything I do every day, and I once again confirmed the need for the Gospel for the world, not just food or other help. I saw the gaps in my work and what needs to be corrected. I am grateful to God and my brothers for a wonderful and timely conference.

Spiritual work with immigrants.  
Currently, we have 35 refugees. Every morning and evening we have prayer and reading of the Word. Some people come to every meeting, others from time to time. In the morning we read the New Testament - Acts of the Apostles or Psalms. In the evening they already started reading the book Exodus.
We have many people and often have birthdays that we try to celebrate.
Recently, the birthday of the oldest woman, Nelya, was 88 years old. We congratulated her and asked for God's blessing.
Also this month, our daughter, Sofia, turned 18 years old, according to Ukrainian laws, she became an adult. I am grateful to God for her, and I am glad that she loves God, is a member of the local church and helps us in our ministry.
This month, our friend, the pastor of a nearby village church, had a third son, Matthew. I helped him drive his wife and newborn son home.

The equipment of the septic tank was completed, the water pipe and the sewage system in the kitchen were redone, and the area in front of the house of prayer was poured. A large volume of work, but with God's help, in small steps we can also equip the premises in the house of prayer for comfortable living.
Trip to Donetsk region.  
The displaced people who live here are very much asking to help their friends who have not left the war zone, the frontline territory. So we collected food, medicine, some personal hygiene products and plan to go there tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be on the road all day, on Wednesday we plan to meet with people, distribute the kits, and we will return. We need your prayers, for the road, transport, safety, so that we can fulfill all the will of God and testify to people about the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Family camp for displaced persons.  
We are preparing for the camp that will be held on the Dniester River. Most of the participants are families of immigrants. We initially planned for 50-60 people, but now it is already 90 and more people are asking. One of the difficulties is how to take people to the camp. It is 100 kilometers from Yarmolintsi. There used to be a train there, but now it was canceled due to the war. But the main prayer need is for God to prepare human hearts and open them to accept the Gospel.
We thank God for:  
- Possibility to go to Slovakia
- For a wonderful pastoral conference in Radomyshl
- For friends who support us and the ministry in Yarmolyntsi
- For the family, for my daughter Sofia
- For the opportunity to serve others
Please pray for:  
- A trip to the Donetsk region. For transportation, safety, and God's blessing.
- For returning our neighbor Oleksandra from Slovakia to her home. She wants to return, but she has health problems.
- For preparing and holding a camp with displaced persons on the Dniester River.
- For God's guidance in the work of the Bible College in the fall.
- For the end of the war, victory and peace in Ukraine.
Thank you for your prayers and support.  
Celebrating a new life

Celebrating an 18th birthday