War in Ukraine

Children's Activities in Turek, Poland

After the refugees from Kremenchuk returned to their homes, church, and seminary, the ministry they began in the Turek community continues. Brother Alexander shared photos as he briefly updated and spoke of more needs.

Dear brothers Steve and Bill!
Thank you for your long cooperation and your love for Ukraine and our family. We have already returned to Ukraine; thank God for His protection! For now, we are getting used to living to the sounds of sirens in these conditions. But God is good and keeps us.
Praise God; the Slavic Bible Commentaries have arrived in Warsaw.
We talked about the new opportunity to support the children's ministry in Turek. Every Saturday, there are meetings with the children of immigrants. The children on Poles have already begun to come, thank God! We ask for funds to purchase children's food, play equipment, and educational literature.
Thank you for your love and help!
Ukraine refugee and local children at a Saturday meeting.
Turek group of refugees in Poland before returning to Ukraine.