War in Ukraine

Crisis Report from Cherkasy


The following news was received on Friday, March 4, 2022, via text messages, from Stanislav, from a Publishing House in central Ukraine. This is the publishing house that READ Ministries has worked with for years in printing Christian literature in Ukrainian and Russian.


Brother Bill, Peace be upon you!

Greetings from Cherkassy, 

Thanks for the letter, thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your experience and sympathy. Let me bring you a few messages. 


1.   Cherkassy

In our city, the situation is calm compared to those cities where hostilities are taking place. Air alarms are often heard. People are fleeing to bomb

shelters. The bomb shelters in front of us at the school, but we did not go there. When the alarm goes off, we gather to pray on the ground floor,

in the hallway near my office. This is the safest place. During the 7 days of the war, no bombs or rockets fell on our city, thank God.

Something was happening in the neighborhood, but we are calm. Planes and helicopters often fly over the city.

Adults watch with fear, and children with curiosity.

Prayer: Pray for the End of the war.

2.   Publishing House

All employees of the Publishing House remain in their places. We are working, but not yet on the release of new books, and the office has been

reequipped as a transit point for refugees from the eastern and southern region of our country. We meet people, feed them, they rest, and after

breakfast next morning they go to the western region of Ukraine. We provide fuels for some cars. Now there are some problems with refueling cars.

Not every gas station has fuel, and if there is, they sell only twenty liters. A maximum of twenty-eight people spent the night with us, and a minimum

of eight persons last night. There are more and more refugees. According to statistics, more than 500,000 Ukrainians have already crossed the

Ukrainian border, and another 3,200,000 Ukrainian are internally displaced persons from dangerous regions to the East.

 Prayer: Pray for God's protection for the workers of the publishing house and their families as well as for the Lord to protect the buildings, equipment and

property of thePublishing House.

3. Elena

Helen the editor-in-chief of our publishing house, is going through a difficult time today. Her ten-year-old son Matthew has been fighting cancer

for ten months. So far, no results. There was a chance for treatment in Switzerland in connection with the war. The country provides shelter to

refugees (for women and children) for six months, as well as free health insurance. Helen wants to take this opportunity. On Saturday, March 6th,

she leaves for the western border of Ukraine (Mukachevo). On March 7th, they will travel by train from Mukachevo to Budapest(Hungary), and on

March 8th by plane toSwitzerland (Zurich). The problem is that Matthew needs medical supervision, and he cannot be without it for more than 2-3 days.

Prayer: Ask the Lord for the blessing of the Journey ofHelen and Matthew and the friends who will accompany them.

And also, about the complete healing of Matthew. 


Thank you again for your open heart and willingness to be in prayer with Ukraine. 

Grace to you from the Father. 



Stanislav & Team