War in Ukraine

Daily Purpose


April 8, 2022 (Day 44 of war)

Dear READ Ministries

Peace be upon you, our precious brothers and sisters, ministers of the kingdom of God.  

[In Ukraine] you no longer notice what day has passed, only the mind constantly asks God for peace for Ukraine. 
Every day brings new challenges and ways to solve problems. 
But difficulties do not stop us, because we understand what is happening to whom and why God gave us to live in this time.  

Lately we have been able to feed, receive transit migrants, send buses to western Ukraine, hold children's programs where we could talk about God's love and God's plan of salvation because we are in difficulties.  

We also help our defenders buy potatoes, flour, oil, and much more.  

The most important thing is that people began to react differently to the Word of God, not all but many people. 
Soldiers receive us with a good heart and those for whom our churches were sects today say they were wrong and apologize for saying so about us.   

I want to ask you to support us with new books of 5,000 copies, which will help us do everything so that people can get decent help.   

Thank God for each of you!

Maxim B.
Zaporizhzhya Bible Seminary

A large pot of soup
Refugees going to van
Children experiencing Bible stories