War in Ukraine

Day Two of Hostilities


V., one of READ's legacy partners in Western Ukraine, has been a trusted ministry colleague for many years in his capacities as Director of the Khmelnitsky Regional Bible College and Instructor of Church Library Ministry at various schools in Western Ukraine.  He also serves as the pastor of the church in his small town of Yarmolynsty, and has responsibilities for Christian Education ministries for the Baptist Union in his oblast of Khmelnitsky. He shares of the assistance they are providing to people fleeing Eastern Ukraine.

$5,000 of READ's relief assistance program is targeted for this effort in Western Ukraine. Please pray for his stamina and effectiveness in overseeing this ministry of the People of God to those in great need.

Greetings brothers and sisters,
Today (2.25.22) is the second day of active hostilities in Ukraine, the war is in its acute phase.
What we are doing here at this time:
Acceptance of refugees. The Yarmolinsy are still far from the fighting, so a stream of refugees has begun to come to us. Three families are staying with us tonight, and we are expecting a large influx of people. In the house of prayer we have the opportunity to receive 40 people. Yesterday we got ready, bought groceries and are getting ready to welcome the refugees. In this difficult time, we want to serve both God's people and all people as much as possible. We want to help them both physically and spiritually.
Serving the Poor. We continue to serve the poor here. Last week, we purchased and distributed nine food packages to those in need. I think that there may soon be an acute need for many, both local and visitors.
Prayer. We at the church decided to get together every morning and pray about the situation in Ukraine.
Today we pray with fasting.
Everything changes very quickly and is unpredictable.
We need God's grace, wisdom, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers and kind words, support from the Scriptures in your letters.
In the same ministry as you,