Easter in Turek


The following notes were received from Alex Z., a Kremenchuk (KES and Spring of Life Church) refugee, reporting on plans for Easter and sharing of books with other refugees.

April 16, 2022  
Hello Bill.  
Tomorrow we will celebrate Easter in Turek together with the Polish Evangelical Church. They adopted several families from Ukraine.   We will give them Christian literature, which we received from Ukraine.  
Thank you very much for serving the READ ministries.  
April 17, 2022  
Greetings brothers!  
Christ is risen!  
Today we were at the evangelical church in Turek. Somewhere around 15 Poles and 45 refugees from Ukraine. In addition to us, there were refugees from Western Ukraine, Boryspil, Cherkassy, and the Khmelnitsky region.  
They served together. All the children were given books brought from Ukraine. It was a holiday for them!
Thank you for your kindness!  
Christ is risen!