War in Ukraine

Feeling Without Fear in Dnipro


A report from Pastor Viktor of a bombing in Dnipro. His faith is stronger than ever!

Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!  
Greetings, Brother Bill!  Greetings to all the children of God in the READ Service!  
I decided to talk to you by writing a letter. Thank God we are alive and well.  
We have the opportunity to carry out the ministry entrusted to us by the Lord. Medical devices and medicines were handed over at the Dnipro Hospital.
We also support the needy with food and medicine. We helped two of our brothers to have treatment and surgery.  
Now we have a problem with fuel all over Ukraine. It is difficult to refuel a car in the Dnieper. But God gives the opportunity to solve this problem today.
Then He knows how things will be.  
Today 4.05 22 is special day for the Dnieper. The Russians fired on the city center. The rocket flew almost over our heads.
I can say: this is a special feeling. But I'm surprised by the feeling without fear.
I begin to trust the Lord even more. God willing, we will continue to do His work.  
Thank you for your help and especially for your prayers.  We greet you with brotherly love in our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Church of Christ the Savior and Victor Nikonenko.  
God's blessings!