War in Ukraine

Fleeing to the West


Mariupol residents continue to flee to western Ukraine and Poland. Our partner with Zaporizhzhya Bible Seminary shared about an encounter at a refugee center. This war is a terrible evil, and the stories are hard to hear, but we can be encouraged by the tender heart of a young boy.

We pray God sustains our brothers and sisters who are there to share the love of Christ as these people pass through the refugee centers. We pray for God's peace and comfort for these families enduring upheavals and atrocities.

Dear Bill and the whole team of READ Ministries,
Peace be upon you!
38 days of war in our beloved Ukraine. During this time, God especially teaches to trust Him in every minute of life.
Today there was an opportunity to help people who were able to leave Mariupol and come to Zaporozhye to go by bus to western Ukraine, and then to Poland.
While we were in this refugee collection center, we heard all the horrors of war. You just keep quiet and cry along with the people. There is always one phrase on their lips: "Thank you for remembering us!"  It is very painful and gratifying to see that during all the time of living in non-human conditions, people's hearts remained softer to people and animals.
One excerpt: A boy from the same family had a birthday when they were in Mariupol. In those circumstances, the parents tried to find a gift, and the boy replied to his parents: "When the war is over then we will celebrate my birthday."  The boy is 8 years old. “One request to you - charge my phone, I want to play.”  The father ran to the house where the generator was and charged the phone, it was a great gift for the boy!
Dear friends, thank you for your support. You are great people of God !