War in Ukraine

Frontline Situation Unchanged

9/5/23 A note from Vlad, connected with Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary, as he describes his very busy summer.

Dear friends!

Over the past two months, I have made seven trips to the frontline area. I also held a camp for young people from my church
[Rakovka Baptist Church, Kremenchuk]. I had a week-long vacation and a meeting with the staff of the Kontactmission.

I continue to cooperate with Pastor Volodymyr from the city of Sloviansk; we conduct evangelism for two hundred people and give them food packages. Thanks to this, people continue to get together at his home.
We hope that a church will be planted there.
The situation in the frontline area is unchanged: shelling continues, there is no work, and people need material and spiritual support.  Cold weather is coming, so the situation will not get better.
On our last trip after evangelizing civilians, we went to visit a brother from my church who is on the frontline as a soldier now. We brought there some food, camouflage netting, mats, and flashlights. We saw the conditions in which the guys live and heard various interesting stories. In the end, we offered to pray for them, and they agreed, so my father prayed for them.
Soon, I am going to western Ukraine to pick up humanitarian aid for further trips to the frontline.
We need prayerful support as well as financial support for the needs of our ministry.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Vlad Chernyaev
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