God's Kingdom Grows

7/1/23 Here is a brief report from Volodya Degtyaryov (pastor and Program Director at Zaporizhzhya Bible Seminary) as he shares a recent experience visiting a region near the war zone.

On July 1, I was invited to visit the Donetsk region. Combat actions are very near to the area.

It’s about 10 km from Maryinka, a town completely destroyed by Russians recently. On the way there and back, we saw some places hit by Russian artillery.
Anyway, in spite of the situation, the church there is alive and active.

The Gospel is preached.

People got saved and baptized.

Praise God; He is at work.

After the baptism, we had communion with newly baptized people and the local church in the town of Girnyak.

The water supply in this and nearby towns was destroyed by Russia. With the help of some Christian organizations, the local church pumps water and purifies it with special equipment from a well in the churchyard. All local people come to the church for water.

Thank you for your prayers for my country.