War in Ukraine

God's Work Continues

Vladimir Bogomaz (Khmelnytskyi Baptist Union) is faithful in reporting on their Refugee Assistance Ministry in Yarmolintsy.

Greetings, brothers, and sisters!
The war in Ukraine continues, and God's work to save sinners continues. God gives us life, strength, and opportunities, and we try to be an effective instrument of His.
Meeting for Children's Ministers
Today in the house of prayer in Yarmolintsy, we held a meeting for children's ministers. About 20 people gathered from the churches of the Khmelnytsky region; representatives of the Journey through the Bible mission from Kyiv came and presented a new program for children. In a very simple way, in 10 minutes, they demonstrated how to colorfully present the main events of the Old Testament to children.
Day Protection of Children
On June 1, in our city, the authorities held a festive program for children. They wanted to encourage the children, to bring them a little joy in these difficult days. The authorities turned to our local church with a request to take part in this program. We prepared eight locations where children could jump on a trampoline, play games, and eat cotton candy for free. We invited all participants to come to the children's club Future in the house of prayer.
Return Home of One Migrant Family
Kostya and Nina, with the children, decided to return home. This family lived with us for about two months. We became friends with them. When I took them to the railway station, most of the migrants who live with us came out to see them off. We prayed for them, sang a song, and they left.
Meeting Near the Fire
We continue to have daily morning and evening meetings around God's Word. We did one meeting this week outside around a campfire. This was the time when I preached that we can learn about the Creator through nature and general revelation. For all people on earth, at all times, God has left His message, and the time will come when they will answer how they reacted to His revelation.
Service to the Poor
This week we prepared a few more food packages and distributed them to the widows. Now in Ukraine, fuel, and food prices have risen sharply, and this will be tangible support for them.

Also, a poor widow Galina from a neighboring village, turned to me with a request to help her. For more than a month now, she has broken her right arm, and the treatment that she was prescribed at the local hospital does not help. She had no money for new medicines. I listened to her story and advised her to go to the regional hospital, bought a bandage for her arm, and gave her money for the journey. Galina was there, and the reason why the hand did not heal was revealed. After the hospital, I met with her, bought her new medicines, told her the Gospel, and invited her to church services. She was very touched by the care and help.
Construction of a Septic Tank
We have almost finished this difficult work, there are still a few moments left, and the whole system will work.
Our Plans
My wife Oksana and I plan to go to Slovakia on Monday. We have a few friends there that we want to meet, and we also want to have some rest and take some humanitarian aid for the IDPs on the way back.
We thank the Lord for:
- the opportunity to serve Him in Ukraine during the war, that we can be His instrument for help, encouragement, and witness about Christ.
- for the opportunity to build relationships with the authorities, children, and their parents in our city on the first of June.
- for friends in different parts of the world, their prayers and words of encouragement.
Please Pray For:
- the recovery of the hand of Galina, for her conversion, and the son of Maxim.
- for our trip to Slovakia, God's protection and help.
- so that God sends faith and repentance to the migrants who live with us.
- for summer camps for migrants that we want to hold
- for God's guidance in organizing a nursing home in Yarmolintsy.
Thank you for your prayers and support.
With God.