War in Ukraine

Help in Desperate Places

February 8, 2023

Brother Vlad's connection to READ Ministries is through his father, Stanislav C., the director of the Missionary Training Center at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary. Stanislav is also the planting pastor at a church in nearby Rakovka. Vlad undertakes the humanitarian aid distribution on behalf of this little church. Since the beginning of the war, the distribution of aid has been taken to the front lines and also to liberated communities that are left in desperate need of help.

Dear Friends,
I continue to thank you for your support of our ministry. May God bless you!
In January, we made four trips to the front, and we were able to provide aid to 800 people. Twice we visited the city of Lyman, this is the Donetsk region. It is 15 kilometers from this city where heavy fighting is taking place, so people continue to live in basements there.
Also, we went to Kherson and Antonivka twice, I am keeping in contact with Tatiana, a woman we were under mortar shelling in Antonivka on December 20th. On these trips, she and her husband were helping me with the distribution of aid to people at the places they live so that we do not gather a large crowd on the street. Every day, Russians are shelling Kherson and Antonivka, hospitals, and residential buildings and killing people. We provided aid to employees of the Kherson regional children's hospital and also gave 20 gifts to children undergoing cancer treatment.
Now we are preparing for the next trip to Kherson. In addition to the food packages, we are going to carry a tarpaulin so that people can cover their roofs that have been damaged by shelling.
Thank you for your support and your prayers.
Sincerely, Vlad