War in Ukraine

KES Discipleship

We know much strife, stress, and suffering is being experienced because of the war in Ukraine, and we have goals to help heal from these traumas.

But, we asked Ivan Ovcharenko (Rector at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary) for a demonstration of the positive side of the cause and effect of the war. Specifically, how many refugees they have served who have come to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. You will be encouraged by his reply...

There are currently three (3) refugees who have accepted Christ as their Savior and are taking baptismal preparation classes. About 60 unbelieving displaced people regularly attend evangelistic meetings, and we see God working in their hearts.
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Blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ!

The video below will show you moments from these "evangelistic meetings" where the refugees are being encouraged through an evangelism project. As the video shows us, spiritual and emotional help has begun.