Message from a Kharkiv Refugee


We asked Ivan Ovcharenko, Rector of Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary (currently doubling as a refugee center), for a video update showing the significance of what the war has done to the people in Ukraine and how the resources we send are part of a much bigger picture.

This lovely message (with subtitles) needs no explanation. It will touch your heart, and you will understand the full impact and blessings in this situation.

Oksana's message:

Greetings, my dear friends!
I really want to thank you for the help we have received in the walls of this Seminary.
There are really people working here who dedicate everything to the end, in order to help others.

My name if Oksana, I came from Kharkov, which in the first days of the war was hit by Russian bombing.
We were forced to flee as we were.
Kremenchuk greeted us very kindly.
I am grateful to all the people who helped us in any way they could.
I especially want to thank the Seminary, which organized the collection of everything necessary to support people like us displaced persons.
We are forced displaced people, we all want to return home, but however, the circumstances are such,
that we have to receive help here, without which we cannot survive.
So may God bless all those who are not indifferent, all those who support us.
All those who have not left us in trouble - to continue this good work!
Again, thank you, thank you, the Seminary.
You can always come here, here you’ll get everything you need so that you are spiritually enriched, and receive food and first necessity goods.

Thank you, thank you again from all of my family.