War in Ukraine

Ministry Amid the War

From 5/12/2022

A report was received from the director of the Missionary Training Center within KES.

My dear friends, thank you very much for your prayers and support amid the difficult time for our country. Yesterday I returned to the place my wife is staying from a trip to Eastern Ukraine with humanitarian aid.
We delivered about 10000 pounds of aid to my friend and coworker Vlad Makhovski to frontline City Zaporizhzhya. His ministry is to take aid to the hot war areas for people who have not been evacuated yet. It is very risky as Vlad is doing this ministry under constant shelling.
In two days we will go to the Ukrainian-Poland border for the next portion of food to be delivered for refugees and people who are staying in the military action areas.
Please pray for the prayer needs:
  1. There is a very serious issue with gas and diesel in the country which is badly affecting humanitarian aid logistics.
  2. I am planning to shift the logistic center from Western Ukraine to my own City Kremenchuk which is located in the middle of the country. It would ease the ministry in the Eastern part of Ukraine.
  3. My mother-in-law has a very serious disease, leukemia in a very aggressive form. It seems we have got the second front in our life.
  4. Despite of Russian constant assaults, the Ukrainian army resists effectively making the frontline to be stable.  We are praying for our soldiers.
Yesterday on our way to Western Ukraine approaching Lviv we saw this picture. In front of us, the Russian missile strikes the railway infrastructure in the City.
Best regards