Stories from the Field

Ministry, the Gospel, Worship and Rockets

Feb 13, 2023

Brother Alexander Z., Pastor of the Source of Life Church in Kremenchuk and Professor at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary, provides another weekly update.

Greetings, dear friends, Steve & Bill,

God is good, and by His grace, we are saved.

Friday (2/10) was a tough day for Ukraine, with more than 100 rockets fired from Russia. But, God kept our homes, and we continue to serve Him.

A little overview of the week:

  • Programs continue in the seminary. This week there were bachelor and youth ministry.
  • I taught two courses, and it was great to see how God works.
  • We also continue to work with refugees. They are very open to the gospel as we serve them.
  • There was a very good service on Sunday where the children glorified God, despite the fact that there is a war going on in Ukraine.
  • God blesses new people in the church with repentance. He is great!

Thanks for the prayers and support!

Bachelor and Youth Ministry students
Special worship by the children
Discipleship with the refugees