Feb 8, 2023 - A full report was received from Stanislav Chernyaev, Head of the Missionary Training Center at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary.

School of Discipleship and Evangelism (SDE)

SDE had its third session a week ago in the small town of Zinkiv which is located about three hours northward from our place.

●    The theme of the session was “team building”.

●    The main goal of the session was to teach our students:

       ○    What is team: team and me - who is in priority?

      ○    How to act in a team in different circumstances.

      ○    How to respond to conflicts in a team.

●    The students had theoretical and practical parts in the session.

       ○    One of the practical tasks was: the team had to cross the river usinglogs during 30 min.

       ○     Another one was: to climb a hill usinga rope. Sister Sofia has saidin her session practical work report:

●     I believe that the practice every day was extremelyvaluable. It showed how important it is to have a team nearby: in ministry, inwork, in life. The difficulties I faced were usually in physicaltraining, but I understand that these trials also made me stronger. In theministry with teenagers, I will definitely mention the main goal of our jointwork - to give priority to the teamover individualistic approaches, to see the needs of others and put them beforemyself. (Google translation).

Missionary Training Center

The MTC group has diploma internships during the winter months. Unfortunately students who desired to have a mission abroad can’t do it due to war conditions in the country so they run their internship in different places in Ukraine. The internships will continue untilApril. In April they will have a session in the Transcarpathian region (Western Ukraine) having practical tasks within Gipsy people. It will be a good alternative to the session they must have in Tajikistan if there were no war.

War and Evangelism

It is very hot in the frontline this month. Russians are trying to offense in several directions. Almost everyday there are funerals of killed soldiers in our City.In these difficult circumstances we continue to do our Evangelism ministry delivering aid to people who live nearby the frontline. While you are reading this report we will be in Eastern Ukraine, the City of Sloviansk which is just 30 miles from the frontline doing this ministry. Remember us in your prayers, please!

Thank you very much for prayers and support!