War in Ukraine

People Listen to the Word of God

Feb 21, 2023 - an update received from Alexander Zigalenko, Master of the Book Ministry Biblical Department at Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary.

Though the looming one year anniversary of the war in Ukraine is ever present in their minds, they continue their ministry with gratefulness.

Greetings dear brothers Steve and Bill, READ Ministries!
The Lord is faithful and has been protecting Ukraine for a year of war.
Thank you, your people and government, for standing by our side during this difficult time.
A little review from last week:
1. The session of the bachelors passed and God kept and blessed us. Students came to our house and we had a great time of communication. Rometa sent a huge hello. Her husband Valentine is called to the war and she asks to pray.
2. There was a special service for refugees on Saturday. A theater group from Kyiv came and we had 4 meetings. They were visited by more than 800 people and they heard the gospel.
3. We sent a library to Chaplain Sergei in Zhytomyr, it will help him in his ministry.
4. Today we also sent 5 libraries to Moldova to serve the Roma.
5. We continue our meetings with refugees and people listen to the Word of God with thirst.
Thank you for your prayers and ministry support. Alex.
Students celebrating around the table
Refugees entering for the performance
Four showings and 800 people hearing the Gospel
Teaching the Bible
"People listen to the Word of God with thirst"