War in Ukraine

Prayer Is Constant

3.30.22 from a partner in Zaporizhzhya

Dear Brother Bill and all our friends of the READ Ministries mission - PEACE TO YOU !!!
Thank you very much for your intensified prayers for Ukraine and for us those who serve the people of the hottest places where the war has already left countless deaths, shed rivers of tears, destruction and just ashes from beautiful cities.
Our family now lives a long time in the church and helps migrants who stay for one or two nights at the church. They rest and continue on their way.
We serve the children of both migrants and children in our area. The war leaves its mark. Fear, uncertainty, some have physical problems (enuresis).
The church helps the military, feeds them at the block post with hot lunches.
Prayer in the church is constant. We start at 08:00 and every three hours the general prayer of the church is heard.
All your help is a great blessing that supports people during this period in their experiences, confusion, frustration and panic.
We pray with you and serve with you!