Stories from the Field

The Heart Rejoices!

Feb. 7, 2023

This note, received from brother Viktor in Dnipro, shares significant details about the ministry between READ and this pastor of the Church of Christ the Savior! His excitement is palpable.

Glory be to Jesus!
Today we received 3,000 books from READ in full!
Sincere thanks for your care and participation in our lives and ministries. Indeed, because of the Lord's care through you, we have everything we need, and even more, to live in very dangerous and difficult times.
Thank the Lord for all of you who participate in this ministry. For our part, we will do all we can to bring the Truth to all those in need.
Now we are preparing for a little significant moment. God willing, on Thursday, 09.2.2023. we are going to the gymnasium in Orlivshchyna (50 km from Dnipro) to open another Library Project.
This will be the 500th project opened during our ministry.
The heart rejoices.
Thanks be to God! I'll send the information. Your share in this ministry is very large! Thank God!
All brothers and sisters have a brotherly greeting!