War in Ukraine

Rumors of War


Wednesday January 19th, we received this update from one of READ's ministry partners. Brother Ruslan is the Director of the Kyiv Theological Seminary in Ukraine. Our READ staff was with him in October in Kyiv and have come to have deep respect and affection for him. In this update he shares how Russia's actions are impacting life in Ukraine. As Ruslan requests, please encourage prayer for Ukraine.  

As you do so, let the first recorded prayer of the church guide your intercession for Ukraine and Christ's church there. And please note the first word in the first prayer of the church as recorded in Acts 4:23-31.  Often, the challenge of Acts 1:8 gets fulfilled in God's providence because of events like Acts 8:1!  

“Dear friends,
Greetings in Jesus Name from Kyiv Theological Seminary, Ukraine.
Matt. 24:6 Jesus said: "You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end."
The threat of war loomed over Ukraine today. The smell of war hovers in the air. Now we are talking about how to protect the country, save children and women, hide from attack and know evacuation routes. We talk about things we didn't even think about in the past.

Our country is constantly receiving open threats from Russia, and Russian’ citizens on the different levels. They're openly threatening Ukrainians with murder and bullying. The tension is getting stronger.
On the border of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are demonstratively forming armies to attack Ukraine from all sides. Near 100 000 to 170 000 soldiers in these days on the borders from Russia side. During few next days they can have 1 million army. Ukrainian army not strong enough.  
Some Western countries, such as the United States, Britain and some European countries, are trying to help my country and resolve tensions through diplomacy. Some countries have in recent days provided and continue to urgently send weapons to protect the state. We are grateful for help and support.
Russia wants Ukraine belongs to Russia and call it returning to a “mother”. My family and I were there in the past and do not want to come back under Russia influence because it is evil.  Part of my family in the past were arrested and sent to Siberia, part was illegal under hard persecution for Jesus. We have real experience and praying to God "if it is possible, let this cup pass of us and Ukraine" Matt. 26:39.
This situation is not a local problem. This is a World’s confrontation of two dimensions, democratic and kleptocratic. Ukraine is an important platform of battle in the World these months. We hope for God’s mercy and protection.
When USSR was collapsed and Ukraine became a sovereign country the number of Christians started to grow immediately.  KTS was planted and have wonderful ministry till now. Many brothers and sisters were prepared for ministry for His field.
In the circumstances of uncertainty and fear, we continue to serve to God is sharing Gospel and giving teaching to brothers and sisters. We continue to give hope in Jesus Christ in circumstances like we have today.
  1. Please, pray for Ukraine and protection from Russia
  2. Pray for people in Ukraine
  3. Pray for Kyiv Theological Seminary and people who are serving here. Even if something will happen, we would like to continue ministry from other part of Ukraine or from other country. Theological education for post-Soviet Union area is a super essential! We want to save KTS team because it is a professional in theological education
  4. Pray for wisdom to know how to react for information and how to act
  5. Pray for God’s protection
  6. If we need to evacuate to know time and way how to do it  
Jesus says Matt. 24:20 “Pray that your flight will not be in the winter”. Now is a winter in Ukraine and frosty.
Thank you very much for your prayers and support KTS in difficult circumstances of history.
In those circumstances, we need to know that we not alone and the world knows and understand danger.
Please, we ask you to ask other Christians and churches in USA to pray for protection Ukraine.
Sincerely in Him,
Ruslan Khmyz