Summer Classes

In mid-June, MTS wrapped up their latest efforts to prepare librarians for ministry in local Belarusian churches.

Those who completed their training began it in the fall of 2019. Steve Eckert and Bill Arvan were present in Minsk at that time.

Pavel O. is the coordinator of MTS's librarian training program.

Greeting from Minsk, Belarus!
This week (7/15/2022), the Minsk Theological Seminary is hosting the last session for church librarians.
For three days from Monday, students presented their theses. We now have seven students and one student who will present the work in the fall (she's pregnant now).
Two ladies from Russia are not studying now.
I am sending photos of the performances of the students.
Tomorrow there will be graduation; students will receive diplomas.
After a luncheon, we are planning an excursion to the National Library.
In Christ,
Paul Osenenko