War in Ukraine

Thank You from Zaporizhzhya

2/1/24 A note was received from a ministry partner, Maxim Belov, in Zaporizhzhya, recapping ministry movements in December 2023.

Greetings, Dear READ Ministries team!
I thank God that I have a great opportunity to serve people with such wonderful brothers and sisters, fulfilling God's commission.
During the past Christmas period, God showed His mercy and special love to the people who were given help and especially to us through whom this help was given.
We would like to thank all partners who provided funds for the purchase of certain things that people needed.
With funds:
- We bought the necessary food and formed grocery sets. These kits were distributed to families of immigrants and the poor;
- bought hygiene and household chemicals. People are constantly waiting for this help because the price of hygiene and household chemicals has increased, and people cannot afford to buy freely;
- some families were given firewood. One ton of firewood was bought for the families that suffered from the destruction after the rockets arrived. People did not expect such help, but God took care of them through you.
Thank you, dear friends, that your heart, and your hands, and your thoughts are always with us.
Maxim Belov
Receiving a Food Kit
Receiving Firewood
This video clip was shared at our 20th Celebration on October 26, 2023. Such a sweet message from our friend and partner.

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