War in Ukraine

"Thanks to the Funds from READ"


A report from Pastor Viktor and how they have used some of the funds received from READ Ministries.

Glory, honor, and praise to Jesus Christ!  
Brother Bill, the strategy of our activity has not changed. As the Lord revealed to us to help the needy of the saints and even the needy people in our Dnipropetrovsk region, so we serve.  
With the funds we received from READ, we were able to help evacuate five large families to Europe. This Saturday, 16.04, we transport the family from Dnipro to the village (130 km from Dnipro).  With these funds we have the opportunity to purchase fuel for the car and provide technical support and repair of cars. In the beginning, we were able to create a strategic food supply.  

There is no “excitement” today, but we do not know what the circumstances will be tomorrow. We believe in God's protection, but we must be prepared for our part. Thanks to your money, we, thank God, now have enough resources to serve people in the near future. Thank you and glory to the Lord!  
Now we are approached by believers, even from the Chernihiv region(we know these people). They survived the occupation. So far, we can't go there. We help with funds. There is a difficult situation with food.  
Also, thanks to the funds of READ, we were able to provide the educational process of preparing the certification of teachers for teaching the subject of "Christian Ethics" of the New Ukrainian School (I wrote to you).  We are grateful to Him for your trust. We are grateful to you for your open and sincere heart! Funds received 11.04. and 13.04, we did not spend yet.
In brotherly love,
The Church of Christ the Savior
Victor Nikonenko