War in Ukraine

The Conflict of Living Under Conflict


This report, received February 10, is from Oleksandr Ceychenko, Rector of Odesa Theological Seminary.

Dear Friends and partners,
As you know, Ukraine is on many people's radar these days and in the news again due to the threat of the highly probable invasion of our country by Russian military forces. Because of this, many people have been asking me how we are doing here, and what our perspective on the situation is.
On the one hand, what you are hearing about now on the news is basically what we have been living with for the last eight years. The war goes on. Casualties are regular. Negotiations are futile. The rumors of an invasion intensify from time to time.Speaking about life in general, we do not observe any panic around us, or serious preparations being made. Life goes on as usual. Almost. We are used to it. On the other hand, the situation is also very much different from what we have been living with. Possibly, Ukraine has never seen such an intensive exchange of diplomatic visits and talks, such a heavy influx of military aid from international partners, and such a flow of sensational publications in world news regarding the dates and plans of a Russian invasion. All this makes us realize that the situation is complex and very serious.
But above all these things, there is the reality of God’s Kingdom. God rules over history and directs its movement towards its final goal. He does this in an implicit, hidden, yet irresistible way. The kingdom of this world will one day become theKingdom of God. We do not doubt it! So, we just keep doing what we are called to do, even though we know that something is going on. We keep praying to theLord, trusting him, and following his way. We ask you to join our prayers at this crucial period for our country. Please, pray:
·     For the resolution of the situation, for stable peace between Russia and Ukraine, for the de-ocсupation and reintegration of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea
·      For Ukrainian churches to be able to witness and preach the gospel during these times, and to bring a message of peace and of God’s rule to all those who need it.
·      For Odesa Theological Seminary to keep serving churches by educating students and providing educational resources to those who are called by God to ministry.
In Christ
Oleksandr Geychenkо
President of Odesa Theological Seminary