War in Ukraine

The Lord Gives Everything in Time


An adventure for Pastor Viktor (Dnipro) to the border in western Ukraine. His trust in God and love for everyone will bring a smile to your face; the work he does will bring a tear to your eye.

GLORY TO JESUS ​​CHRIST! Brother Bill! Brothers and sisters of the READ ministry!
Our glorious Lord has mercy, forgiveness, care, care ...... He just loves us! Glory and gratitude to him! Thanks to him for your open and loving hearts!
We have God's protection and trust to do what He trusts to do! We have health and strength from Him!  
Brother Bill! I returned from L’viv only on Sunday at 1 p.m. Have time to end the service! It was a joy for everyone, the train was three hours late.
At night the train does not go fast. I was on the border with Poland.  
The fact is that the brothers and sisters in Christ of my children bought them a bus to serve. But near the city of Krakow in Poland there were problems with the engine. The tow truck was very expensive. So, we decided to go by our old car and tow it. My sons did everything before and after the border.
But only I could cross the border.  
Bill! It was a great tour! I took a bus to Poland and then towed two cars to Ukraine. The border guards scolded me a little, but GOD arranged everything.
I had to sweat a little, of course. Well, now everything is fine. The car is already in the Dnieper. We work and continue to serve!  
In the evening I read your letter. Thank God for your compassion and care. I wanted to answer you today. Organized the distribution of aid, took people away, when I look at the card came the money $ USA. I read: from the ministry of READ. Think writing to Bill? Here I write. Thanks to everyone!  
The Lord gives everything in time! It takes a lot. Believers ask for help, ordinary people, migrants, we give help to our defenders. Thank God for your participation.
It would be difficult without your support. We appreciate, thank you, we love brothers and sisters in any case!  
In the love of Christ,
The Church of Christ the Savior, Dnipro
Your brother, Victor