War in Ukraine

Ukrainian Baptist Union Crisis Update


Irpin church On Sunday, the 6th of March, during refugees’ evacuation in Irpin, Russian occupants inflicted mortar attack. 26-years old volunteer, member of local Baptist church, Anatolii Berezhnyi was killed. That morning Anatolii was helping a woman with two kids to get out of broken bridge and move to a bus, that drove people out of dangerous places. 200 meters needed to be passed, when suddenly the Russian mine landed on him. A year and a half ago Anatolii and his wife moved out of Severodonetsk. The couple joined active service in Irpin Bible church. When the war started, Tolia drove his wife to safe places, but came back to Irpin to serve church, civilian population, refugees. We extend our condolences the Berezhni family, Irpin Bible Church, and Severodonetsk church.
Bap,sm in Irpin church During the war in the suburbs of Kyiv, Irpin, baptism and sacrament were conducted. Pastor Stanislav , who baptized two men, has already helped people last 10 days of war. After divine service everyone was waiting for mutual celebratory lunch – noodles and sausages. A week ago nobody could name this food festive. Yesterday, on Saturday, 10th day of war, Russian occupants drove in the city and prevent peaceful civilians from a drive-out of city. They are shelling those, who try to drive out.
Donetsk region Despite hostilities, the church located in Donetsk region, on Sunday, the 6th of March, conducted sacrament. Women were given flowers at divine service. These are the flowers, which pastor’s family was planting in greenhouses. A part of flowers was handed in the church in Lysychansk. All present got food packages and seeds. Since Ukrainian people have the hope that they will plant these seeds, as before. A few people repent that day and had their peace with God. Together with Oleksandr, senior pastor of Donetsk Baptist Union, pastor of local church, they prayed about forgiveness of sins and the beginning of a new life.
Wedding in Kyiv On the 3rd day of war Bogdan and Iryna asked to marry them. Newlyweds were given guidance and pastors Mykola and Pavlo held blessing prayer. All of this was happening during sounds of explosions at underground car park. Since God’s love and mercy are stronger than war. But the real highlight was the fact that week after their marriage newlyweds sent accomplished tasks from premarital training program. War is war, but marriage needs some knowledge. Back at the end of last year, the young couple, Bogdan and Iryna, members of church «Revival» in Kyiv were announced as engaged, tells one of church’s pastors, Serhiy Moroz. I had to conduct premarital training program. Newlyweds told lessons learned there every week. And then the war came.
Kherson Kherson region is under control of Russian occupants. But local population excelled many peaceful patriotic demonstrations. “Almost all Bap8st churches of Kherson region gathered in prayer houses to have sacrament and pray together for establishment of military aggression and peace for our nation.”, tells region pastor, Pavlo. Occupants left region center, blocking city externally. It’s still impossible to deliver products and humanitarian shipmen.
Humanitarian shipment Coordination center of Baptist Union has already begun to send humanitarian shipments on the territory of Ukraine. Two trucks with products from Lviv to Kyiv have already been sent. Two more are directing to Zakarpaaa and Lviv, after reload they will be gone to Kyiv. Let’s pray about successful arrival of humanitarian shipments as intended. Thank to all of you, who joined this!
Energodar It’s calm in Energodar so far. Mobile communication doesn’t work. Russians let nobody out of town. Neither kids nor women. It’s informed in our news. Our brother in Christ Pavlo tried to drive people out of town, but he didn’t manage. Coming back home, they were going through huge stress. “If the connection disappears fully, just pray for us. God will predict and we believe, that He will save us”, brothers in Christ text us.
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