War in Ukraine

Update from Rivne, Western Ukraine


Late last week, the following text message was received from Oleg.

Oleg is a READ ministry partner for more than 15 years and a Bible College Director.

Oleg also serves as a pastor of one of the Baptist churches in Rivne.

Not too far north of Rivne is the border with Belarus. We were so glad to hear from Oleg!

Sincere Greetings from Ukraine.  
So far, everything is calm in Rivne.  I live near the airport, the airport was covered with missiles from Belarus.  
We live, we pray, we hope, we believe that everything is under God's control.  
We serve in the church, we have immigrants and refugees.  
Thank you for your prayers.  We look forward to meeting you in the future !!!  
May God protect you too !!!--
Oleg, Director