War in Ukraine

Zoom Replay of 5/7/24 Live Prayer Fellowship

Dear READ Friends,

During our second-year commemoration prayer time of the war against Ukraine, we realized the need for continued prayer and fellowship with our Ukraine partners and our READ supporters. So, on May 7, we held a Live Zoom Prayer Fellowship time emphasizing Chaplain Training.

Taking Their Faith to the Front 
On January 19 this year, READ's friend and legacy partner Ivan Ovcharenko, Rector of Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary, took part in an All-Ukrainian Chaplaincy Conference in Kyiv, which was organized by the Baptist Union of Ukraine and Vasily Povoroznyuk, a leader in the Chaplaincy Ministry of Ukraine. In collaboration with Vasily, KES developed a one-year training program to equip active pastors, deacons, and ministry leaders who have a theological education to become volunteer chaplains. Armed with the necessary knowledge and skills in general military concepts and intense psychological training, these compassionate individuals will serve as spiritual shepherds in hospitals, with families of the wounded and deceased, and with the military on the front lines. Their presence is set to significantly boost morale at the front, bringing hope and inspiration to those in need.

Special Guest, Vasily Povoroznyuk
"Vasily Povoroznyuk has been in the chaplaincy service since 2014. He is also the pastor of Compass Church in Zhytomyr. A former military member, Vasily points to Cornelius, the Roman centurion sent by an angel to the apostle Peter in Acts 10, as a model for his ministry. 'It was a soldier and his family and friends who were able to take the message of Jesus Christ to the pagans.'" (CT Magazine Aug 2023)

Zoom Replay
Due to the early start of our May 7 Prayer Fellowship, the Live Zoom was recorded to allow us to share it with those interested but unable to attend.

Please follow this link: READ Chaplain Prayer Fellowship Zoom to access the recording on Microsoft OneDrive.
We hope you find the shared stories engaging and accept the challenge.

Below, we will list the prayer requests shared during the live Zoom.

  • Pray for Ukraine's victory in the war and peace for the country.
  • Ask for safety and wisdom for the students in the Volunteer Chaplain program who visit dangerous areas and hospitals that are often targeted.
  • Pray for more resources to train the 60 students committed to the year-long training.
  • Pray for the upcoming training session from June 5 - 8.
  • Remember the families of soldiers and heroes who have sacrificed their lives.
  • Pray for the KES staff and teachers who are weary and tired.
  • Pray for resources for essential summer camps and retreats.

Thank you, friends. We appreciate your commitment to READ's ministry, your financial contributions, and your continued prayers.

Ministry leaders on their knees accepting the call to become Volunteer Chaplains
Rector Ivan Ovcharenko with Chaplain Vasily Povoroznyuk at KES's Volunteer Chaplain Training
Chaplain students with the resources Trauma and Resilience, provided through READ Ministries
An intense time of study and application of a chaplain's mission and role within the dynamics of war
Front-line wound care training